Monday, February 15, 2010

An old steamer trunk covered in fabric? replaced the old worn leather just lovely, wouldn't you agree? Makes a wonderful coffee table and the perfect "Eating in front of the TV" staple piece.

Dana is gathering up quilts for some upholstering jobs. We'll post some pics when done.
Otherwise, not much has changed here. Six more inches expected today but the hens are still laying so, life goes on even when your jeans are so iced over from outdoor chores, they stand on their own to thaw!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manure Happens!

...but we're still smiling. Apologies to all our friends in blog-land but we've been overwhelmed (in a good way) ! First off...
The snow out here in Pennsylvania has been almost unbearable with power outages, road closures and frozen pipes. I'd rather step knee deep in cow pies than step in one more inch of the white stuff. Today we are out in 20 degree snow weather dismantling a turn of the century home, gleaning goodies build with.
Secondly, our furniture and furnishings have been flying out of the shed & booth faster than we can fill them! Hooray & be careful what you wish for! We were not prepared to catch on so readily and some items fly out the same day we bring them in. No time to even snap a photo for our portfolio or inventory. Dana has been sewing, surging & stuffing like mad with gorgeous results in unique upholstering.
Everything being a One-of-a-Kind creation seems to be the huge attraction. From our weathered vintage finds to our Franken-pieces where we magically create unique & unified functional furniture from antique & vintage "spare parts".
Examples would be this old oak Hoosier which our furniture maker, Greg, "Junked-Out" with antique corbels and weathered bead-board. It has a few more days of work and a sweet bees wax finish before it will be available for purchase. I'll try and snap a few photo's of the finished piece before it's gone.
More vintage "Bed" benches from Greg's wood shop have had personal request's coming in.
This one's almost done, needing a bit of stain and some upholstery work.
Our fingers are frozen & our knuckles worn and cracked but we are trudging on & trying to get the hang of our small businesses in and outs.
Darla has been working on original art work & collages for spring & garden season. Having had a bit of sour luck, she's on short term leave but doing what she can. On top of all this is caring for our families, feeding chickens, chopping wood, training dogs, and keeping the rabbit hutches clean. Oh, and did I mention the snow?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's the little things

This week we are gathering up vintage statues , vases, china , linens and all things creamy and neutral.
This sweet 4 piece tea service with lovely lily-of-the-valley motif will be small part of the tone on tone display we're working on for spring. Yes..Spring! We have to start early with gathering up the goods and getting a vision.
I'm still uncovering old T2T butterfly and moth pieces with the intent of creating a varied collection for the booth's current vignette. The one above was made with a real preserved moth (found deceased in my garden a few years back), a vintage magnifying glass and, some pretty papers. Greg is working on dropping a sink down in a vintage buffet. These make stunning and practical bathroom vanities which will be the subject of our next post. Want to see some stunning T2T transformations ? Then be sure to check back for the two tiered antique buffet makeover!
~Enjoy your junk~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Got chippy ?

Greg, in the work shop pairing up some different junk odds and ends. came up with these;
Old chippy painted ceiling tiles...
... then incased in old weathered window frames....
...and affixed to legs = Shabby Fabby End Tables ! Although my photos are clearly not the best, I think you can get the image of how sweet these are in reality. Now trying to decide what color to paint them . Any suggestions? Whatever the color these are destined to be a cottage Must-Have".

Sunday, January 10, 2010

If we build it will they come?

A floor lamp fashioned from an old surveyor's transit...
a vintage dresser redo...
and a hall tree made from a colorful old weathered door and some barn wood made a long trip to Ravenna Ohio today.
In an attempt to branch out a bit~ we junked up the trailer and headed west. We decided to rent a booth at a "Shabbied Chic/ Junktique /Antique mall near Akron just to get a feel for the areas taste. There seemed to be several vendors with the ~Shabby cottage garden~ style so we decided to go a bit darker and see what happens.
Somehow it seems we came up with an odd mix of gypsy tramp meets Williamsburg. Does that even make sense? We tossed in our plaid upholstered Deacons bench (made from vintage head & footboards) and some vintage velvet tapestries that we converted to soft rich colorful fringed bolster & floor pillows.
Vintage original paintings paired up with colorful and quirky Day-of-the-Dead style religious shrines & T2T wall art.
It didn't take us long at all to fill our area and although my pocket camera photos turned out rather disappointing , I will post more over the next several days. We are also in the process of getting our Etsy shop and website up and running. I also need to do some adjusting to this blog. Lots of work. It isn't easy stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, especially away from home but it is the only way one can grow and learn. We shall see what happens. The trap has been baited. YeeeeeeeeeHaw !
the Redneck Junkers

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quick fix

Three old butterflies from my collection...

Plus one page of old sheet music...
Plus two vintage junk frames = 2 lovelies for the shop !

Sunday, January 3, 2010

More makeover please.

Some photos coming in the next several days of wonderful new makeover T2T ("trash to treasure") items we've whipped up. Stay tuned to trash.