Sunday, February 14, 2010

Manure Happens!

...but we're still smiling. Apologies to all our friends in blog-land but we've been overwhelmed (in a good way) ! First off...
The snow out here in Pennsylvania has been almost unbearable with power outages, road closures and frozen pipes. I'd rather step knee deep in cow pies than step in one more inch of the white stuff. Today we are out in 20 degree snow weather dismantling a turn of the century home, gleaning goodies build with.
Secondly, our furniture and furnishings have been flying out of the shed & booth faster than we can fill them! Hooray & be careful what you wish for! We were not prepared to catch on so readily and some items fly out the same day we bring them in. No time to even snap a photo for our portfolio or inventory. Dana has been sewing, surging & stuffing like mad with gorgeous results in unique upholstering.
Everything being a One-of-a-Kind creation seems to be the huge attraction. From our weathered vintage finds to our Franken-pieces where we magically create unique & unified functional furniture from antique & vintage "spare parts".
Examples would be this old oak Hoosier which our furniture maker, Greg, "Junked-Out" with antique corbels and weathered bead-board. It has a few more days of work and a sweet bees wax finish before it will be available for purchase. I'll try and snap a few photo's of the finished piece before it's gone.
More vintage "Bed" benches from Greg's wood shop have had personal request's coming in.
This one's almost done, needing a bit of stain and some upholstery work.
Our fingers are frozen & our knuckles worn and cracked but we are trudging on & trying to get the hang of our small businesses in and outs.
Darla has been working on original art work & collages for spring & garden season. Having had a bit of sour luck, she's on short term leave but doing what she can. On top of all this is caring for our families, feeding chickens, chopping wood, training dogs, and keeping the rabbit hutches clean. Oh, and did I mention the snow?


  1. Love that chair in the first picture. wish I lived nearer, would love to check out your store! I hope dear darlie is ok. shes is one of my most favorite blogland pals! send her my love!

  2. I love it when things sells fast, but I know what you mean about it being a blessing and a curse. We're expecting more snow today as well. I like the snow, but I am ready for spring this year.

    By the way, I love that green that a piece you're selling? It's gorgeous!

  3. Wow...all sounds wonderful!
    Love all your finds...they are awesome!!

  4. That turquoise bed has me weak in the knees!

  5. I love the job done on that chair, so sweet! What creativity you all have. There's no snow but plenty of cow manure out here in central Califoria. Maybe you move out here to stay warm and bring that wonderful stuff with you?I'd be standing by the front door waiting for the shop to open every day! Congratultion on creating such a unique business.